Big news you guys… 12 or so years ago I read a little known book that @oprah recommended called #eatpraylove and before you roll your eyes at the cliche hear me out… this book changed my life, I lived overseas in CHINA because of this book, I became an avid reader because of this book, I became more connected and loving with myself because of this book, it has meant the world to me… oh and did I mention that I traveled to Bali and met #ketut because of this book?! Naturally I am love with the writer @elizabeth_gilbert_writer. like, I’ve read everything she has published, gone to her talks, listened to her podcasts, all things Liz Gilbert you guys…well last week my dear friend @kristen_ley said “hey, fly to Jackson, Liz Gilbert is going to be in my studio and you can be my assistant”. Well plane tickets were $800 so I had to pass and I honestly didn’t have a clue of what I would actually say to her….but do you know what Kristen and her beautiful soul did? She bought a pillow off of my website and placed it on the couch behind the interview. You guys, MY PILLOW IS RIGHT THERE. Yep, I cried actual tears. I know that I have so many victories coming my way but I am going to sit with this win and celebrate today. Thank you Kristen for finding a way to get part of me there, and thank you Liz for your work, you are a shining damned light and we are all better for it. . . . #elizabethgilbert #elizabethgilbertquotes #readbooks #win #gobuyart #anthropologiehome #anthropologie #thimblepress #coloradoartist #artistifinstagram #petportrait #howdarling #currentdesignsituation

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