What makes you feel alive?  

I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past three and a half years and while this is such an incredible journey I have found myself needing to spice up my life as a mother.  When I ask myself ‘What makes you feel alive?’  My answer is always;  When I am creating something. So here I will document my pursuit of creativity while being a mother, sometimes in spite of, and other times because of.  

Why you will love this blog:

My blog is a funny, entertaining and occasionally motivating site for individuals who are striving to live creatively and follow their curiosities.  My blog discusses a wide range of pursuits to create and integrating that with daily life as a mom.  I provide reflection, humor, and motivation through making my life an experiment of self-expression.  


A bit about me:

I recently moved back to rural, Eastern Colorado after three years living  abroad in Shanghai.  Since then I have been attempting to repatriate, live on a single income, and be a decent parent.  I live with my (incredibly patient) husband (Partner), my (wild) two year old son (Sir) and my (sweet) eight month old baby girl (Madam).  

I am a teacher by trade and after teaching Special Education for seven years, I am now teaching art part time.  When I’m not having power struggles with my two year old, nursing my baby or attempting to inspire the next Picasso, I am working on my YA novel and the beginnings of the illustrations for my children’s book. I am crossing my fingers for casting to begin for Real Housewives of Eastern Colorado. Go ahead and give me life’s greatest validation and ‘like’ me on facebook.  

My favorite things in life are:

Good food


Fancy Cocktails

My Crazy Family

Lounge Wear


Life Goals:  

Live abroad again

Publish a few books

Raise kind children

Love fully



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