So once upon a time about 4 years ago a dear friend of mine reached out to me and commissioned this piece for her dad’s birthday. At the time I wasn’t creating any art, I was writing which was a miracle because I was drowning DROWNING in postpartum hormones and every single day was a struggle. My friend remembered that I had talent or at least remembered that I loved my time creating so she reached out and wanted a 30×30 original painting and I said yes. Every step of the way I doubted myself and asked for advice and questioned my decisions but I am so proud of this piece you guys, and I am so unbelievably thankful to my friend who saw something in me especially at a time when I desperately needed a win. What I am saying is, go support a local artist, it could change their life, hell, it could change yours too. . . . #gobuyart #weaternart #fall #fallcolors #cowboy #rurallife #bethechange #acrylic #coloradoartist #artistofinstagram #starvingartist #postpartum #momswhocreate #mentalhealth #buylocal

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