I live in the town I grew up in…there I said it. Returning here after living abroad was VERY HARD. Reverse culture shock was so much harder than getting used to Chinese culture, and I am even talking about the spitting and the lack of personal space. I had gotten used to life abroad and life in a mega-city. I have to admit that it was my ego that wouldn’t shut up about moving home, as a high school teacher I hear all of the time how these kids will “never ever move back here” and I was no different at that age. Part of me felt that I was letting down my 17 year old self. But the truth is I love living here (at least some of the time 🤣) and while I wish I could change some specific things about this place I try to remember there is no perfect town…. right? We have a pretty good gig here, I love my job, our kids are LOVED by so many neighbors and friends, and AND grandparents live down the street with another set that lives 20 minutes away, this adds so much more love/help/community to our DAILY lives. So I am working on loving this place harder and doing my part to make the things that frustrate me, change. . . So this Friday, in little ole Stratton, my mom and I are putting on our 4th First Friday local art exhibit. If you are in the area, please, please come out. Also, the book by @melodywarnick called “This is Where You Belong” is definitely worth a read if you share my sentiment about your current town. #smalltowns #rurallife #bethechange #coloradoartist #coloradoart #artistofinstagram #firstfriday #strattonfirstfriday #watertower #sunset #bloomwhereyouareplanted🌷 #artshow #easterncolorado #artistsoninstagram #lovelife #thisiswhereyoubelong #smallpopulation #ranchlife #farmlife #stratton

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