Hello if you are new to following me 👋 a few things about me… 1. I live in RURAL Colorado where I teach in the school I grew up in. 2. We own a handful of cows which makes me a 5th generation Colorado rancher. 3. I taught special education for 7 years and loved it but the stress was, well, stressful so teaching Art now is an absolute delight. 4. I completely stopped creating art for 10 years after a horrible experience with an art professor in college. 5. I have a finished manuscript of a children’s book and I am ready to start pitching agents. 😳 6. I struggle with mental health and I hope by talking about it it will take some of the stigma away. 7. I will have been married to my college love for 8 years in June. We have a 5 and 3-year-old that keep us busy, constantly cleaning and completely in love. 8. My favorite things are; traveling, napping, fancy cocktails, and good food.

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