Our Lifestyle Photography Session

We try and do family pictures, or at least pictures of the kids a couple times a year.  This summer I wanted to do something different.  After moving we have spent much of July getting settled and living a low-key life.  I have loved it, I love that we are both teachers and we get so much time with this little family… (that is another post altogether) Anway, I really wanted these photos to represent the joy in the little moments, not a staged “look at the camera honey”  sort of way.

I talked to my cousin’s wife Whitney, who is a mega talented photographer and like a cosmic coincidence, this is the type of photography she is hoping to grow into.  She even had a name for it “lifestyle photography”

She came over to our crazy house and just hung out with us.  We did bath time, ate, and read some books.  I didn’t honestly even know when she was taking pictures.


They turned out so beautifully.  They perfectly captured our tiny moments.

She also made these adorable short videos I can’t wait to show you!

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