New Mediums

My friend Christy is our school nurse and she popped in on the day I was working on my commission piece.  She mentioned that her birthday was coming up and that she would love some art from me. I was really excited about having something else to work on since I had so much fun doing the painting.  I contacted her husband and asked him to send me a picture that Christy might like made into art.

He sent me a beautiful picture of the Maroon Bells that Christy had taken in college. I gave it my best effort but I failed.  I was trying to practice with water color and I just didn’t have the patience.

So I stalked Christy on Facebook and found a beautiful picture of her adorable kiddos from their Christmas program last year.

Meanwhile, I got these new Tombow duel tipped markers in flesh tones that I had been dying to try out.  So I set on my way to try a portrait.  Big deal ladies and gentlemen.

The thing about watercolor is that it is SOOOO unforgiving.  So if I mess up I have to start over and I really really hate starting over.

I misjudged the color of the darker skin tone marker and it resulted in her kids looking like they were poster children for the dust bowl.


So, take two:  I tried again and as I got closer and closer to being done, I got more and more hesitant to work on it because I didn’t want to mess anything up.

I finally got enough guts to complete it, I put it in a frame from amazon and gave it to her for her birthday.

Blessings for this project:  Christy has cute kids, tombow makes amazing markers, and encouragement from Christy to make something for her.

Boundaries:  Portraits are HARD, if one little thing is off it just doesn’t look right, overcoming my fear of watercolor.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

In other news:  I am considering doing more commission pieces for Christmas so let me know if you are interested.

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