Britax- Raising the Bar

I am a baby product junkie.  It is kind of a time-sucker hobby of mine.  When deciding on purchasing a product I do exhaustive research.  I read every single review, take measurements, hem-haw, and finally make a declaration of my decision to my husband.  Inevitably he will say, “well have you thought about…”  

Which is answered with just a look that means: I have thought about whatever you are suggesting and this is my final decision.  

Then, I usually sit on it for a few more days and then my husband ends up hitting the ‘buy now’ button while I get second thoughts.  

We are needing to get a convertible car seat for Lady and the timing worked out perfectly because last week I was invited to go to an event where I got to meet the President of Britex and to learn about their Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat.  

Yep, that is just me and the president of Britax, Maria.

At the Britax event, I saw the features of their car seat in person.  Below are my favorite 5 things about this seat;

  1. SUUUUUPER easy to install.  I have a confession to make;  I have NEVER installed one of our other car seats.  Matt always does it because I have a very low frustration threshold with things that require a multi-step process.  Guess what?  I can install this one all by myself!  Feminists rejoice!

2.  Crotch Latch

One of the many things that are annoying about car seats IMHO, is how the crotch clip always gets lost under my babies bums.  I am always floundering around searching for the stupid thing while also finding pieces of snacks and lost toys.  Well my friends, no more searching under bums, this seat props that piece up. It is the little things, people!  So far, when I put Little Miss in it she hasn’t sat on it one time!  

3.  Easy to Adjust

Like I mentioned before, I don’t move car seats.  Matt had to work late on Friday and was gone before the kids and I got up on Saturday to work again.  My cousin Kassidee was going with me to Denver,  which meant I needed to move my two-year-old’s car seat.  Boo.  I briefly considered having Matt come home from work when I thought of Plan B:  I adjust the new Britax seat for Sir to ride in and use Lady’s old one for her!  It took me exactly 9 seconds to adjust the carseat from fitting Lady to fitting Sir.  

4.  Loosening  of the straps is always a struggle when one or both of the littles are displeased about  going somewhere, and of course, every car seat has a different method of doing this.  On this car seat the button you push automatically loosens the straps just a smidge which is enough to get an arm through. Seriously, this is a bigger deal than I thought. 

5.   The SAFETY Features, because that is the point after all.  

-Anti-Rebound Bar-“Manages rebound or reactive motion in the opposite direction of impact during a collision.”

-Click Tight Feature- Like I mentioned before about how easy it is to install.  “It uses the vehicle’s seat belt that’s safe, secure and easy every time.”  


-SafeCell Impact Protection- Among other things, this steel frame absorbs energy.  
Full Disclosure:  I received a free car seat in exchange for my honest feedback and blog post.  

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