Artist for Hire

I was honored to do a commission piece for my dear friend, Sara.  She wanted a birthday present for her dad.  I said sure, thinking it would be a little pastel that would take me a couple of hours.

She sent me this beautiful picture she had taken of her dad a few years ago;


After some consideration she decided she wanted something bigger… as in 39×39!  We also decided that it would be best to use paint instead, mainly because they wouldn’t have to get it framed.  I hadn’t painted anything in three years…

I debated recommending Tosha Wise to do it instead.  Sara also made an oath of honesty about the finished product.  If it wasn’t what she wanted, she didn’t have to keep it.

I spent a lot of time texting Sara making sure I understood what color pallet she wanted.  I tend to use pretty bold colors and I know that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I wanted to be REALLY sure she would be happy with what  I thought felt right.

The biggest challenge with this piece was time.  It took me about 9 hours and with paint, I couldn’t work on it in spare 20 minute chunks.  Matt was really supportive and took the kids for large chunks of time so I could disappear into art land.

I really love the finished product and because I love it so much, I was nervous to give Sara the finished product.  She is a happy customer which makes me a happy artist.

She said that her dad loved it and and recognized the horse.

Barriors of this Project:  Time, confidence, supplies

Blessings: Sara’s belief in me, Matt’s support of this project, and that there was a deadline

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